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Best quality hublot king power usain bolt replica

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Best quality hublot king power usain bolt replica

August 27,2016 0comments

This hublot king power usain bolt replica  has three chronograph faces within the main face that offers a 30-minute counter and date display. The watch itself is encased in a durable, black ceramic case and adorned with a gold-colored band. As with most of the other elements in this watch, each color and feature on this watch is a tribute to Usain Bolt.

When an athlete earns the title of “fastest man alive,” it is only a matter of time before a watch is made to try and capture his lightning in a bottle. The Hublot Watch Company has decided to put out a watch that commemorates Olympic hero Usain Bolt, who has been referred to as the “world’s fastest man” since 2008. The watch was released just in time to allow fans to try and capture Bolt’s time as he defends his records in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. The watch design is something created by hublot king power replica  in conjunction with Bolt. After much consideration, Bolt himself named the watch the King Power Usain Bolt limited edition timepiece.

Hublot Honors Olympic Hero Usain Bolt with His Own Watch

There are several elements in the watch that point back to Usain Bolt himself. If you look closely at the face of the watch, you will see a gray silhouette of Bolt sprinting to victory. It is easy to see as it covers part of one of the smaller faces on the watch.

Jamaican sprinter Usain 'Lightning' Bolt

The gold band represents the gold running shoes that he wears in competition.

Hublot Honors Olympic Hero Usain Bolt with His Own Watch

The design of the watch is very bold, which is how Bolt describes himself. The minute, hour and second hands are impossible to miss and the face itself is a slightly larger size than most other luxury watches. Hublot has limited this watch to only 250 pieces and, in light of his Olympic success, it is doubtful that it will take very long to sell them. It is a designer timepiece that brings together the courage and determination of a great athlete with the elegance and precision of fine watch making.

Bolt considers gold to be his lucky color, and that is why you will find the gold-colored elements all throughout this watch. If you look closely, you will also see green elements in the watch that are there to represent the green in the Jamaican flag. The green, gold and black together make up all of the colors of the Jamaican flag, and Bolt makes no secret that his inspiration for the color scheme of the hublot replica watch  came from the flag of his home country.